9 Awesome Group Text Messaging Tools for Educators

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Group Text Messaging is a great way for teachers to share content, alerts, reminders,assignments and many more with their students.  They can also use this service to create groups that include students' parents and keep them updated about heir kids progress. We have compiled a list of  some of the tools you can use to deliver group text messaging.

Check out these tools :

1- ClassParrot
ClassParrot is a great group messaging tool that allows teachers to reach their students instantly via  texting. It can be used for many purposes such as  : reminding students of upcoming exams, and sending homework updates and event reminders.

2- ClassPager
This is another great texting tool that teachers can use to engage students in group discussions and broadcast updates and information to both students and their parents.

3- gText
This is a free group texting service just like Classpager.

4- Kikutext
Kikutext is a service that makes it easy for teachers to communicate with parents using text messaging so students perform better.

5- Remind101
This is a free service that provides teachers with an easy way to text message students and stay in touch with parents.

6- Sendhub
This is a group text messaging system that allows users to send text and individuals and groups of any size.

7- BeGrouped
This tool as its name suggests provides an easy way to build a group and allow everyone to easily communicate with each other seamlessly and easily. It also supports most major cell phone carriers.

8- SMS Matrix
SMSMatrix can be used to send messages to groups. These messages can be simple text, voice, or even text-to-speech messages.

9- Swaggle
This is a free SMS messaging service that lets you send text messages to groups. Messages can be sent both from the website or directly from mobile phone.