8 Ways Teachers and Students Can Use Google+

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1- Circles :
This is one of the most used features. This tool allows users to manage their followers and share their updates with them. As teachers we can use Circles to create a circle for our class and invite students to join it. If possible, students can also create their own circles based on a specific topic. For instance student working on environment project creates a circle called environment ...etc. Teachers can also use this service to post their class announcements and important links.

 2- Hangouts
This is another often cited feature of Google+. It allows users to video chat with up to 10 people in real time and for free. Users can see each other in small boxes while the person who is speaking appears in a large window top. This is a great way for teachers to hold online classes with group of students who need help. They can also arrange for online chatting sessions to discuss topics of relevant interest.

3-  Data Downloading
Teachers and students can use this service to upload, edit, and create documents. They can house all their data within the system, schedule events, and share materials in a very secure environment. Moreover, Google Takeouts offers users the ability to download their personal data and updates easily. Teachers will not worry about their and the students' data if they decide to leave the service anytime they want.

4- Notifications
Using notification feature, teachers will be able to control when and how to be contacted when new content is posted. They can select among three ways either by using browser notification, email or text message or all of the three. Students will use the method they like to keep updated about their information streaming system.

5-  Group Work
Google+ is one of  the best platforms for team work. By creating circles, students will be able to work in both open and closed groups with the teacher being able to see the chatter of all the groups in their course stream without having to manually visit each group. Students can also see who is online and start meetings and chat within the course itself.

6- Photos/ Videos
 When users upload photos and videos these are automatically arranged into albums. Changing the privacy setting allows teachers to share albums of relevant interest with specific circles. In this way, you can share albums containing photos, videos, charts,graphs, cartoons with students provided they belong to specific groups.

7- Sparks
This is one of the least known features of Google+.  Both teachers and students can use it to find content like articles and videos related to any topic they can think of. At the bottom of each piece of content is a share button that makes it easy to show it to those in your groups.

7- Mobile Capabilities
 Google has now apps that you can use both on Android and iOS devices. Teachers and students can benefit from all the above mentioned features on the go and wherever they are provided they have an internet connection. There is also a mobile chat feature called Huddles that allows users to chat with many friends at once.