10 Great Resources for Teaching and Learning about Earth Day

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Next Sunday is the Earth Day which is an occasion for teachers to raise students awareness to some environmental issues threatening our planet. We have compiled some great resources for you to use with your students in the classroom. These are mainly activities, videos, and printables for teaching and learning about Earth Day.

Here is the list :

1- Earth Day Theme Page :
This website contains some interesting Earth Day teaching ideas .It also has free printables, diagrams, graphs , pictures and many morerall about this day.

2- Earth Day Printable Shape Book and  Coloring Pages
This one here provides printable pages for Earth Day that can be used as a coloring page or for a shape book writing activity.

3- Teaching Earth Day on Pinterest
This is a great pin board created by A to Z Teaching Stuff. It has several pictures and images that you can use for this purpose.

4- Teacher eBooks
These are some ebooks on Earth Day. If you can afford to buy some then this is a great collection to start with.

5-  National Geographic
National Geographic has some great resources on environmental science and Earth Day. Here are some examples :
6- Home of The Future
 "Virginia Tech’s Lumenhaus, a solar-powered home that won the 2010 Solar Decathlon Europe, provides a glimpse into future living. Take a tour through the home and listen to Joe Wheeler, one of three primary faculty members who worked on the project with more than 200 students, explain the home’s features and how it may change the way we live and use energy "

7- Changing Balance
This is a great website where students can learn about the changing climate in our planet via studying some species such as mosquitos, animals, viruses..etc.

8- Garbology
This is a website I have reviewed just two days ago. It provides some great resources and learning materials on how to dispose of garbage.

9- Breathing Earth
This is  an awesome website. It is basically a map where students can learn interesting facts about birth rates, death rates, and CO2 emissions. Just hover the cursor over any country and you will get an overview of all rates relating to it.

10- Turf Mutt
This is a free resource from Discovery . It provides ten detailed lesson plans on environmental science for k-5 teachers.