Week in Review: Popular Posts of Last Week

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Hi everyone this Med from Halifax sending you his best wishes. I hope you have enjoyed your weekend and have a better time for I did not because again foe the second weekend in a row it was stormy and rainy. As is the habit every Sunday, I will be briefing you on the most popular articles that have been featured in Educational Technology and Mobile learning for this week.

Here is the list:

1- A List of Educational Presentations and Slideshows for Teachers and Students

2- Challenges Facing Educators Using Social Media

3- Understand how Google Works

4- 15 Interesting Facts about Wikipedia

5- This is how to Explain Internet to your Students

6- All you Need to Know about Wikispaces

7- 20 Case Solved by Facebook

8- 10 Free Mobile Apps to Create  Awesome Drawings and Sketches

9- Technology Enhances Learning

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