Vifinition Great Video Dictionary

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Vifinition is a video dictionary that provides in context explanations to terms. It pulls videos from YouTube and match them to words. Teachers can use this resource for  their vocabulary lessons to provide contexualized words for students.

Vifinitions is still in beta form. It has a user friendly interface. Visitors can use the ' Vifinitions of the Day' on the front page to get started. These are smart and creative that Vifinitions highlights for its users. Additionally, searching the content of this video resource is made very easy, just click on a letter and see if someone has already vifined what you are looking for. There is also a section called ' Random Vifinitions' where you can search for random videos.

Vifinition allows users to contribute with their own videos. Anyone can choose a word and attach a video to it and send it for them and if the video matches the target term then it gets published.

Here is a video definition of the term ' edge'