Two Free Awesome Photo Editing Tools

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Here are some good   photo editing tools that educators and teachers can use to edit and customize pictures to include in their classroom..


This is a great photo editing tool. It has a user friendly interface and users can just drag and drop their pictures to start right away working on them. They can for example crop. rotate,sharpen, resize, add exposure and colours. When done they can save their edited images to share with others. It also has an upload feature to help you fetch your pictures from wherever you installed them.


Clipi has some awesome but limited features.. It only allows you to resize photos but the way it works is way easier than many other photo editing tools out there. You can just use the drag and drop technique to upload your pictures into its editing page and Clipi will automatically save them to Imageshack without even you being registered there. Just keep in mind that it only works with Google Chrome browser for now but they do plan to make it compatible with other browsers as well..