Learners TV A Free Resource of Video Lectures from Reputed Universities

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Learners Tv is a great educational video resource for students and teachers. It basically provides video lectures covering different  topics and subjects. Among the covered subjects are : Biology, physics, mathematics, statistics, computer science, medicine, dentistry, engineering, accounting, and management. Lectures are organized into labels and tagged in such a way that makes it easy for you to navigate and browse categories you want.

learners tv

The lectures provided by Learners TV are both in audio and video format. They cover whole courses conducted by faculty from reputed universities around the world.The purpose of this website is to :
  1. Help students in their learning
  2. Create autonomous and independent learning behavior
  3. Sharpen students critical thinking skills
  4. Provide students with fun and innovative ways of learning
  5. Refine students test taking skills

Most of the materials offered by Learners TV are licensed by the respective institutes under a Creative Commons License.
Head over to Learners TV and give it a try.