8 Great Websites for Smart Quotations and Sayings

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 Today we are sharing with  you this list of some excellent websites where you can search for and access quotes to use in class.


Quotecoil is a quotes search engine. Their instant search box lets you search by quote, author or any keyword. The results start to display even before you press enter. It is very quick and user friendly.



This is a great resource for smart quotes. You can sign up to receive  free daily email which includes inspirational quotes from the wisest people worldwide.



This website provides list of great quoatations. It also helps users save and organize their quotes. But you need to sign up for a free account to use this feature. You can search for quotation using subject or tags.

 Daily Motivator

Daily motivator
 This is a Firefox extension or plugin that displays a motivational quote every time you start up your browser. The quote is displayed in a po-up and the purpose is to give your day a fresh start and fooster your positive thinking.


number quotes
This is a different website in that it does not offer quotes on love, happiness, war..ect it rather  provides quotes based in numbers. you just type a number and you will get quotes related to that number and most of these quotes are powerful comparisons of this number with others.



If you have heard a quote frm a certain movie and can not remember which movie is that then Subzin will help you out. Just type in the quote into the search box and hit' enter', all the movies and TV shows featuring the quote you are thinking of will be listed for you instantly.


Quotegasm assembles quotations of famous people all around the world. These quotes are organized into categories that users can browse using the  author name or the search engine. Registered members can also rate and comment on quotes.

Quote Stumbler

quote stumbler

Quoe Stumbler is a cool website where you can find thousands of quotes and sayings. It consists of a database counting nearly 18.000 quotes by famous politicians, authors, and other historical figures.