6 Important Wikipedia Tools for Teachers

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This post has been updated on October 2021.

Wikipedia is one of the most popular hubs that students fall back on when in need of educational resources and information to help with their learning projects. However, there are several other encyclopedias that are similar to Wikipedia which are also run by volunteers and operate by the same open collaboration system. These educational websites are part of the Wikimedia Projects. I selected what I believe are seven of the most useful sites for students and teachers. You can check the full list of Wikimedia Projects from this page.


This is a free online dictionary that allows you to conduct online search in different languages and across various platforms including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikiwix, and MediaWiki.

Wikibooks is "a collaborative book authoring website, where users from all over the world work together to write textbooks and other types of instructional books on many topics. It is a Wikimedia project, operated by the same group of people who run Wikipedia,"

Wikiquote is "a free online compendium of sourced quotations from notable people and creative works in every language, translations of non-English quotes, and links to Wikipedia for further information".

Wikiversity is "a Wikimedia Foundation project devoted to learning resources, learning projects, and research for use in all levels, types, and styles of education from pre-school to university, including professional training and informal learning".

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons is "a media file repository making available public domain and freely-licensed educational media content (images, sound and video clips) to all. It acts as a common repository for all Wikimedia projects, but the content can be used by anyone, anywhere, for any purpose."


Wikivoyage is a "free worldwide travel guide that you can edit. The official, non-commercial sister site of Wikipedia for sightseeing, activities, cuisine and accommodation around the world".


This is a free species directory that is open to everyone to edit. It hosts over 700.000 articles covering Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Bacteria, Archaea, Protista, and several other forms of life.