3 Tools to develop Creative Writing for your Students

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Creative writing is an important element in students overall learning experience. It is also a part of our professional development as educators and teachers. Creativity, be it in writing or in any other project, does not come from the void and we are not born  creative minds. There are mechanisms for developing creativity and fostering imagination. There are what is called creativity triggers or prompts that can help our students improve their creative writing by providing them with challenging story starters. Below are three awesome tools that can help you do that.

1- Imagination Prompt Generator 

 This is a part of the Creativity Portal which provides ideas for free creative projects. Most of the project ideas in the kids section of the Creativity Portal are appropriate for elementary school and possibly middle school age students.

2- Writing Fix

Writing fix provides hundreds of  prompts to inspire daily writing. It is based on two basic principles: daily writing practice, and student choice. Each prompt begins with a question which helps students write more interesting leads to their writing.

 3- The Story Starter

The Story Starter generates thousands of story starters that can be used for short stories, novels, plays, scripts, or just for fun.If you do not like the story starter sentence generated for you, you can click on the button to get another one.