12 Great Dictionary Extensions For Chrome

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Here is another list featuring some very good Chrome extensions for teachers:

1- Auto Translate
This extension allows you to translate words, and sentence by just selecting them. It is powered by Google Translate technologies.

2- Bubble Translate
Translate a selection of text inside any website and view the result without leaving the page.

3-  Chrome Dictionary Lite
Powered by Google Translate, Chrome Dictionary Lite lets you to translate the words on your current page.

4- Context Menu Button for Google Dictionary
This extension  adds a Google Dictionary button to the context menu when you select a word and right-click.

 5- Dictionary Lookup 
Allows you to look up definitions (from Wiktionary) of words and phrases (English only) in a clean inline box.

6- DictionaryTip
Just  double-click on a word and get its meaning, and you can also select the word and press the shortcuts to see the definitions.

7-  Google Dictionary
This  is available for you to translate foreign words of 11 languages (such as Chinese, English, Italian, etc.) to your language of choice.

8-  Inline Search & Lookup 
This extension gets definitions from search engines (such as Google), online dictionaries (such as Wiktionary) or encyclopedias (such as Wikipedia), and you can also add your own sources.

9-  MultiLookup
it  is available for you to look up words in Google (English) Dictionary and/or Google Realtime Search

10- Dynamic Language Tools 
This is a Google Chrome Extension which can translate entire webpages to your own language or language of your choice.

11- Right Click and Translate

This  is a free Google Chrome Extension which can translate texts on web pages. Right Click and Translate extension is easy to use. 

12- Google Translate

Google Translate can translate whole Web Pages into your own language or language of your choice which one simple click