Yacapaca- Formative Assessment Resources

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Yacapaca is an educational platform that is all about formative assessment. Teachers can use it to search for and access a wide range of teacher-written assessments across all subjects and syllabi. Simply enter the topic of your lesson into the Yacapaca search box and browse through the pre-made assessments there. 

Image source: yacapaca.com

You can refine your search by subject, syllabus, topic, and type. Courses are rated by popularity and quality. When you find the quizzes you are interested in preview them before you assign them to your students. You can either set assessments for the entire student set or you can exclude individual students from taking them.

Alternatively, you can create your own assessments using various authoring tools. The process is simple and easy and is all web based. No software download is required. You can create various assessment types from yes/no questions to lengthy essays, and from multiple choice to short-text to essays. Yacapaca integrates artificial intelligence and uses it in its marking system.

Teachers can also access the analytics section in Yacapaca to view students performance and track their learning progress. Analytics allow you to view activity log (e.g., information related to the percent, grade, time taken and key concept analysis), results in detail (e.g., every answer to every question), gap analysis (enables you to identify which concepts students understood and which need further teaching), and more.

Yacapaca gradebooks

A gradebook "appears for each student set once there is data to display. The gradebook shows all results for that student set for the period you select, the default being the last 365 days. It reports results in whatever gradescheme you have selected for the student set. Click on any column in a gradebook to see what the assignment is, and then click again to get a detail view."