Yacapaca A Resource of Free Already Made Quizes

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Yacapaca is a great web tool for educators. It allows teachers to have access to a plethora of already made quizes. They can also make their own using the provided tools there.


Yacapaca is absolutely free and does not require any software download or installation. You just need to register with them using your email address. As you head over to Yacapaca main page you will find two big buttons one says ' I am a teacher' and the other ' I am a student'. for students to log in they need an access key from their teachers. Once logged in you can choose your country ( it does not support all countries ) and a list of categories will be displayed. For instance for Canada , I have Maths ( 95 quizes and courses ), History ( 74 ), Geography ( 67), Design and Technology (87)...etc.

Some features of Yacapaca

Here is a list of the main features that Yacapaca offers to its users:
  • It is free
  • It is easy to use
  • It is fast and secure
  • It provides quizes and surveys
  • It lets you discover, modify and share assessements
  • It lets you mark automatically
  • It allows you to analyse using tools that will help you improve your teaching

Head over to Yacapaca and give it a try