SideVibe Free Web Based Teaching Tool

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Update: This website is now defunct.

Side Vibe is a great web based teaching tool. It allows users to create interactive learning materials very easily. It is one of  the best alternatives for paper handouts.SideVibe is basically a bookmarking tool that will let you capture important content from different websites and use it as an electronic lesson for your students.

Students can also participate with their activities called vibes. They can do assignments and work on projects online. They do not need to register they can use the teacher's code to log in to the class. What is even cool about this web service is that teachers besides being able to create lessons and assignments out of web content, they can also assess their students work,  give them feedback and grade their work.


Using SideVibe , teachers will be able to take their students to " any destination on the web, interact with them, guide them, collect and assess their work seamlessly." The basic accounts for students and teachers are free.

Here is a video tutorial to learn more about SideVibe

Head over to SideVibe and give it a try.