Free Tools and Resources about Internet Safety

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Today  is Safer Internet Day ( SID ) that is organized by Insafe every February   to promote responsible, secure, and safer use of online technology and  mobile phones especially among teens all across the globe. This year SID will focus on the following theme `` Connecting Generations and Education". Head over to to learn more.

On this occasion, we compiled a list of some useful resources to help you teach your kids and students about Internet safety.

4- Webnauts Academy

This is a great web page by PBS Kids which offers elementary school students tips on how to stay safe online. It teaches them how to behave responsibly while using internet and upon finishing their missions in the Academy, students will graduate. There are also resources for teachers on how to include the topic of online safety in their classrooms.

5- A Thin Line

MTV has released a resourceful platform called A Thin Line where it provides teenagers with a range of materials and lessons on how to monitor what they do online. It basically teaches them about the potential results of misbehaving online. It covers topics such as sexting, digital spying, instant messaging and over textmessaging.

6- Minor Monitor

MinorMonitor is another web application that helps in monitoring kids activity on Facebook. It can :
Provide you with your kids' details such as status updates, friend lists , photos, and checked in places Automatically analyzes and identifies possible bullying, drug use, sexual references, solicitation, profanity and more.

6- Google Safety Centre
Google recently the launch of an online safety centre for teens on Goolge+ in an attempt to ease out the worries of parents. These new safety enhancements are meant to protect teenagers, "encourage safe behaviour through appropriate defaults and in-products help, and make abuse reporting tools easy to find and use."

7- Parents Guide to Facebook

This is a thorough guide of Facebook privacy setting. Parents and teachers can read the guide to learn more  about Facebook privacy setting, profile settings, group settings and much more. It can help educate kids and teenagers on how to safely use Facebook.

8- Safety Land

This is an awesome game that is played virtually in the city of Safe Land. The aim is to teach teenagers and students how to recognize dangers while using the internet. As users start to move from building to building, a set of questions are posed to them that they need to answer and upon each correct answer they get to catch a cyber criminal and send him/her to Safety Land jail and at the end get a certificate that they can prtin out.

9- Own Your Space

This is a great ebook that includes a wealth of resources and materials on how teenagers can be safe while browsing the internet. It has 16 chapters and each one of which deals with a certain topic starting from teaching  teens about the different malware and spyware and the importance of having security patches to providing lessons about the potential dangers of unsecured networks and how to lock them down.