Bookemon Easily Create Digital Ebooks for Free

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Bookemon is a great website for educators. It allows its users to create, read and share books online. It is basically a " personal, digital and professioanlly printed book creation and sharing utility." Users can easily, without the need for any HTML coding or any other advanced technological wizardry, upload their graphics, documents, photos and turn them into awesome books. If you are looking for a free platform where you can get free tools to create your books and also host them then Bookemon is the right solution for you.


Bookemon features a bookstore where you can save your digital productions. You can also use their library to look for books you want to read but you will have to pay to purchase one.If you think  that you have a book worth selling then go ahead and put it for sale on Bookemon, you can even get an ISBN number and barcode for it. With this ISBN number you will be able to advertise ,market and sell  your books to the world through major book sellers such as Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and Borders.

Bookemon requires registration for you need to become a member to start uploading your content. The membership and other utilities provided in this website are all free and the only thing you will need to pay for is when you decide to order bookstore quality books that have been published by you, your friends or other members.