Google Takeout Back up your Data

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January 27, 2012
Google Takeout is a service that is provided by Google to help users back up their data and even transform it to other platforms . Google has more than 70 products published online and most of them are free to use. At average every user has access to ten of its services which remains a high percentage compared to Google's competitors.

Google Takeout lets you download your data into your computer. You can either download all of it at once or go around selecting the services from which to download it. Google products covered by the Takeout are : Circles, Contacts, Docs, Buzz, Knol, Picasa web album, Profile, Google Voice, Google+ Stream and Google+. Unfortunately Blogger is not included but if you have a blog and want to back up its data you need to head over to its setting and click on "other" and then export blog.

Watch this video tutorial to learn more