Free tools to create comic strips

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In today's post, we are sharing with you a set of handy web tools for creating cartoons and comic strips in class. All of these tools have been featured in separate posts in the post.

1- Witty Comics
Witty Comics is a cool website. It allows its users to create two characters dialogues. This is a great learning tool for students

2- Pixton
Pixton is a cartoon creation tool that allows its users to create awesome comics. Pixton has also a growing community that anyone can access to contribute with their own comics.

3- Make Belief
Make Beliefs is another awesome comic strip creation tool. It resembles Pixton for they both provide their users with a variety of tools to edit and generate their cartoons.

4- Chogger
Choggers has a good editing tool that allows users to create their own cartoons out of imported photos. Users can even hook on their camera and snap images to edit on Chogger.

5- Cartoon for The Classroom
Cartoon for the Classroom is a great resource of comic strips for educators and teachers. This is a website created by the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists ( AAEC ). It provides a variety of lesson plans based on cartoons created by the members of AAEC

6- Anmish
Anmish is a fun web application. It allows its users to create funny animations using caricatures of political figures.