ePub Bud A Platform for Reading, Downloading ebooks

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ePub Bud is a website that provides kids  ebooks for iPad, Nook, and many other similar e-readers. This is really a great resource for reading materials for your students and beginners. While finding free ebooks for adults is something that you can do with the tip of your finger,  free  reading materials for kids are still hard to find .

It does not matter what e-reader you use, ePub Bud has ebooks for all kinds of them. If you are an author or like writing stories and books then you can use this website as a publishing platform where you can  upload your productions and publish them. You can also mail in a printed children's book to have it digitized for free.


To start using ePub Bud you need to head over to its main page and sign up for a free account . Once signed in you can then manage your account and save your favourite ebooks. To look for a certain ebook you just need to search for it using the search bar there. Each book listing contain information about books such as publishing year, genre and language.