dotSUB The Easiest Way to Add Subtitles to Videos

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dotSUB is a great video hosting platform. It allows its users to add subtitles to videos in any language. This is a feature that is rarely offered for free in other platforms. Some of YouTube videos have already translated versions that you can access through clicking on the cc red icon that is often displayed under the timeline bar. However, not all the translations offered by YouTube are accurate that is why some users shun away from them.


The case is different in dotSUB for you can add your own subtitles to videos you upload by yourself and then share them with your friends and colleagues. Teachers and educators can use this service to share interesting content made primarily in other languages.
You can also browse the directory of videos already available in dotSUB. Most of the popular videos in this website are already translated into different languages. Just select the language you want and there you go.

Here is an example of a video made by dotSubt