9 Free Tools to Create Educational Cartoons

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Below is a list of some of the best free online cartoon making tools.  Feel free to bookmark and share the list with your friends and colleagues. 

1- Cartoonizer


Cartoonizer is a cool web application . It allows its users to create funny cartoon version of their cats in seconds.

2- Automatoon


Automatoon is a great web application. It allows its users to easily create animations. These animations can be reused anywhere on the web.

3- Cartoonatic


Cartoonatic is a great mobile app. It allows its users to turn their videos into cartoons using different cartoonish effects.

4- Anmish

Anmish is a fun web application. It allows its users to create funny animations using caricatures of political figures.

5- Host-d.oddcast


Host-d.oddcast is a great image editing tool . It allows its users to embed their pictures and cartonize them into 3d avatar .

6- Write Comics

 write comics

Write Comics is a good web2.0 tool for creating comics . It resembles Strip Generator .

7- Convert to Cartoon

 convert to cartoon
Convert to Cartoon is a cool website to use with your students .

8- Toonlet


Toonlet is another strip generator tool that we can use in education .

9-  Strip Generator

strip generator

Strip Generator is a great web2.0 site in education . It lets you create your own comic strips with such an ease that anyone with a little technology knowledge would do it in a couple of minutes .