iStorybooks – free educational story books for your kids

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iStorybooks is a great app for educators. It offers “free story books with fun pictures, text,and audio for your little ones”. The stories in this app are constantly updated and every two weeks a new story is introduced. There is also a section for parents where they can add or remove books from their kids’ library and this section is completely protected.

Kids love animations and cartoons and iStorybooks is just about that. It will help them develop their reading skills with awesome stories animated with funny pictures that will let kids look forward to start another new story.

All of the story books are picture books with audio which means that kids can either enjoy them on their own or you can read to them.

Some types of books offered by iStorybooks

Here are some of types of the books offered by iStorybooks for its users:
  1. children’s books,
  2. story books,
  3. bedtime stories,
  4. toddler books,
  5. preschool books,
  6. nursery school books,
  7. kindergarten books and picture books with accompanying audio of the text in each page

some popular books on iStorybooks

Here are some examples of the most popular books offered by iStorybooks
Fairy Tales :

  • Cinderella
  • Snow White  Cenicienta,
  • the spanish (espanol) version our most popular book Cinderella.
Animal Story Books:

* The Blue Fox
* The Crow the Doves and the Mouse
* The Mean Lion and the Smart Rabbit
* The Crow, the Doves and the Mouse
* Three Little Pigs

Folk Stories

* Stone Soup
* Little Red Hen

Educational Books:
  • The World of Dinosaurs - Big and Small
  • National Monuments of America
  • A to Z Animals
  • A to Z Fruits and Vegetables
  • The World of Trucks
Children's Ramayana Books:

Hanuman Saves Lakshmana
Hanuman's Adventure in Lanka
Children's Ramayana
Remember , this educational app requires Android 2.1 and up.