The best free educational typing apps- learn typing easily

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Here are the best apps you need to consider when improving your typing skills.

This tools allows its users to test their typing speed to find out how fast they type and where they position themselves against others……. read more in 10-Fast-Fingers tutorial.

TypeRacer is an online speed typing game. It allows its users to race each other by typing quotes from books, movies, and songs. It is the first multiplayer typing game on the web. This is a sort of competitive game where you have to type accurately and fast to get your car to the end point before the others.

Keybr is a tool for touch typing practice. It allows its users to improve their typing speed together with typing without having to look at the keyboard.

TypeFaster is a tool that teaches you how to touch type fast using a set of free typing tutorials. This program comes in three version: Standard, Accessible and Spanish. The Standard version is the ideal one so far for it has quite many interesting features such as:
  • It supports multiple keyboard layouts
  • It offers a clear indication of which fingers to use
  • It has multi user support
  • It also offers different versions for single user, multi user and multi user with teacher support.
Typing Lessons Online
Typing Lessons Online is a free touch typing program that allows its users to type fast using their ten fingers. It offers free and interactive typing lessons and exercises for all levels. It will help you :
  • Learn touch typing online
  • Learn which fingers correspond to which keyboard keys
  • Improve your error rate and typing speed
Typing Web is a free web service that allows its users to learn fast typing through a series of comprehensive keyboarding lessons and games. This application covers the three levels: beginner, advanced, and special. Just choose the one that suits you and there you go.