The Best Book Websites - Track and Get Notifications about New Releases of your Favorite Books and Authors.

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Here are  some of very good websites where you can access, search for and share books.

1- TrackNewBook
TrackNewBook is a free web service that lets its users track their favourite books via email notifications.You can choose whether to get notifications about upcoming books by a particular author, on a particular subject, that include particular keywords, or that are similar to a particular book.

2 - Book - Buzzes
Book- Buzzes is another free to use web service that allow its users to track the latest releases of their favorite authors. All you need to do is sign up for a free account and set up your alerts such as : choosing your location, what binding you want  hardcover or paperback. 

3 -  AnyewBook
AnyNewBook is  a great free web service that keeps you updated about the latest book releases theough email notifications.You can subscribe to a weekly email notification on a specific book category such as fiction, non-fiction, programming, history, horror, law, and many others. It also enables you to customize your notifications.

4 - FictFact
FictFact is another free book notification service that allows its users to keep track of their favorite books .It also enable  you to track books by series and tells you which book is next in the series you are reading.It gives you the possibility to many customization such as , marking books as being read and also sharing your series with friends and colleagues.

5 - Book Army
Book Army is a social networking site for book lovers.  It allows its users to get book recommendations based on their reading experience and preferences.

6 - Biblio
Biblio is a free web service that lets you search for books. It has over 5500 bookstores and more than 50 million books listed in its database. You can use different criteria to look for books . For instance you refine your results by specifying : condition, price, binding,and attributes. Just enter the book's title and its author name or its ISBN number and hit " find Book " and there you go.