Safe Search : The educative search engine ever

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Safe Search is a search engine powered by  Google Custom Search and  designed for schools. Safe Search is focused more on younger kids but is a very useful IWB resource for elementary teachers .

Some features of Safe Search
Here are the main features and services that Safe Search provides for its users :
  • It is free
  • It does not require any sign up
  • It is very easy to use
  • It is completely secure for students
  • It has an awesome and user friendly interface
  • It supports Google search , image search , game search and video search .
  • It has a unique tab named Links containing links to important resources

How can i get started using Safe Search ?

Head over to Safe Search main page
  1. Click on Google Search and an arrow will point down to safe search box where you can type in your query to get safe results from Google search engine
  2. Click on Image and do the same if you want to search for images in a safe way
  3. Click on Game Search to look for games or see their featured games
  4. Click on video search to look for multimedia items