FaceFlow: Free real time video conferencing

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FaceFlow is a great web2.0 tool . It is a video conferencing system that allows up to four participants to video conference in real time. I know some teachers and educators get scary when it comes to online conferencing systems given the complexity and advanced technological knowledge they often require, but let me assure you that FaceFlow is completely different. It is very easy to use and does not call for any advanced tech skills .

Some features of FlowFace

Here is a list of the main services that Flow Face provides for its users:
  • It is free
  • It is easy to use
  • It has an awesome interface
  • It allows its users to video chat with your contacts
  • It lets you watch videos with your contacts while you chat
  • It provides a full screen mode to see your friends as if they are right in fornt of you
  • It supports Instant Messaging using a simple chat system

How can i get started using FaceFlow ?

To get started , visit FaceFlow main page and sign up for a free account
  1. Click on Broadcast Room
  2. You need now to add contacts to chat with , remember just four participants are allowed
  3. Click on Add People button
  4. To invite people to join in your conversation you just need to send them links

Applications of FaceFlow in education

I know FaceFlow does not allow for more than four participants to video conference which means that we can not use it with the whole class. But we can use it with lagging or struggling students who need extra reinforcement in their learning .I am pretty sure you can come up with other ideas of how to suit this tool to your teaching needs . Remember The random chat option that FaceFlow offers is not to be used with students without the teacher's supervision.
That’s it about FaceFlow: Free real time video conferencing.
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