WolframAlpha : The 21st Century Search Engine for educators

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WolframAlpha is  a computational knowledge engine . While other search engines index web pages to look for textual matches accompanied by lists of links , WolframAlpha ‘uses built-in knowledge curated by human experts to compute on the fly a specific answer to every query .

Some features of Wolfram|Alpha

here are the basic features that underlie WolframAlpha service “
  • It is free
  • It does not need any login or sign up
  • It interprets your input in a smart way and generate appropriate results
  • It provides formulas and calculators
  • It has buttons and pull-down menues to help you change what is displayed
  • It provides pods with links to more information
  • It has dog ears for extra information
  • It also provides sources , references , and background information for extra links