Vcasmo : easy way to master multimedia

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Vcasmo is a great multimedia presentation tool . Have you ever watched a great video on YouTube and wondered how this person  managed to create such a nice and illustrative video mixing both videos and slideshows , documents , links and may more in the same video screen that is playing . Vcasmo can help you do that.

Some features of Vcasmo

Here are the main features that underlie Vcasmo service :
  • It is partly free and there is a premium version with more storage capacities . The free version allows just for a daily upload limit: 0Mb (0%)/200Mb and a storage usage: 0Mb (0%)/512Mb
  • It requires a sign up which does not take long
  • It allows you to  upload video, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, image, photo and music.
  • You can use the editor to organize slides in a timeline
  • you can add subtitles to your videos
  • You can synchronize your slides with video and music
  • You can skip to any part of the video without having to wait for the whole video to be downloaded
  • you can link to your blog or website inside your slides
  • You can make your presentations private , public or password protected
  • you can also embed your presentations in your blog
  • It allows you to add your favourite presentations to your user page and share with friends
  • You can also Download offline version of the presentation to burn as CD-ROM.