vusafe : The best video platform for your students .

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Vusafe is an online content library that provides safe environment for displaying internet-based videos in the classroom . It was created by M86 Security to securely share videos online . Teachers use it to upload videos into their libraries and organize them using keywords ,categories , and age.

some features of Vusafe

Vusafe offers some very interesting features to its users such as :
  • It is free and easy to use
  • It offers a library of educative videos
  • Upload videos from YouTube and present them to students without any distractive feature
  • It enables you to find , share and organize approved videos from YouTube and other video sites safely and easily
  • It also enables its users to search for classroom videos and organize them by subject and age range
  • tag your videos with relevant key words
  • Vusafe community allows you to browse videos submitted by other schools.