School Rack : Free and Easy Workspace for your classroom

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SchoolRack  helps you build a classroom website or educative blog for your students . SchoolRack is one of the best free educative platforms available online . Its system is very flexible , simple and easy to use .Just in a few clicks you will be able to create your own educative workspace where to connect with your students, their parents , and everyone else you want .

Some features of SchoolRack

These are some of the features that SchoolRack offers for its users :
  • It is completely free and easy to use . It also has the premium version if you want to upgrade.
  • It helps you “Build colorful, customizable websites featuring your own rich content, calendar, files, clip art, and more. No technical knowledge is required!”
  • Optionally” manage students or parents in groups for access to extra collaborative features”
  • Send “email messages to multiple people at once. No need to memorize or keep track of email addresses, we store them on our end!”
  • Moderate “private discussions online with students and/or parents”
  • Post “assignments to student accounts, collect assignments in your account, and report grades back once you’re finished!”
  • Keep your “downloads and classroom discussions protected using our password protected websites feature”.