Safe Search Engines for Students and Young Learners

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Last updated September 2021.

This is the second post in a series of posts covering some of the best search engines available online for our students.  As I said before , when it comes to students /kids using internet , the human intervention is highly recommended . If you have not read my previous post then you can visit Safe Search Engine for students  part one to learn about the other safe engines I included there .

1- Cybersteuth
Cybersteuth is a k-12 students homework helper,and educational resources . It is a dedicated search engine for students . The purpose behind the creation of this website is to provide a safe educational online database of links to help the students “ sift through the maze of information”.

2- Mymunka

Mymunka is another safe search engine for students. It is “ a family friendly learning and search engine that is fun and safe for everyone . Some features of Mymunka include :
  • Browse and share thousands of digital flashcards and learning aids
  • Offers different flash card categories
  • Great for people with learning disabilities or ESL students
  • It allows users to create and share flashcards
  • It also allows users to share search results quickly and easily
3- KidzSearch

KidzSearch works like Google and provides the same results without adult content .