Read It Later : a great web2.0 tool for educators

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Read It later helps you aggregate all your links or pages your reading into one neat and readable list . It has a very good extension to add to your browser . The Read It Later Firefox extension allows you to “ save pages of interest to read later. It eliminates cluttering of bookmarks with sites that are merely of a one-time interest.”

Some features of Read It Later

There are now many applications that allow you to read your bookmarks and organize them into categories but wit Read It Later there are many more  added functionalities . Here are some of the things Read It Later can do for you :
  • save your page instantly with one click
  • it can download all your pages before disconnecting so that you can read them later offline without any connection
  • you can consult your pages wherever you are .” Read It Later even remembers your position in each article, so you can start reading on your computer, get up, grab your phone and pick up exactly where you left off”.
  • you can even save your reading list right from Google reader list
  • it can extract the content out of your articles and present them in a clean, easy to read, and consistent way to read.
  • it allows you to add tabs and organize your elements into categories
  • share your pages on any number of popular bookmarking services
  • If you have many tabs open with pages you want to read, you can simply right click the tab-bar and select ‘Save All Tabs for Later’ and every page open will be saved into your Reading List.