Popplet : The educative presentation ,mind mapping,and bulletin board platform

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Popplet   combines presentations , mindmapping and online bulletins.
Popplet allows you to :
  • create your free account and start building your popples
  • integrate text, image, video, and Google maps
  • use it as a bulletin board
  • use it to record thoughts
  • explore ideas
  • collaborate together

How can i get started using Popplet?

Log on to Popplet main page and sing up . Once you are signed in click on “ make a new Popplet” button .
You will be then directed to your work space where you can start creating your own popples. Double click on the empty space there and a small box will pop up . To enlarge the box put the cursor on any corner and drag it .
To link this box to a new one just click on any of the four white dots around the box.
You can also add text, images,and video to your box . You can also draw something or upload your stuff into it .
Popplet allows you to share your finished work by clicking on the “ share” button or you can also add other users to your popplet .