Cute PDF Writer: easily convert your documents into pdfs

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 Cute PDF Writer is a very good web tool to use to easily convert any document into PDF format.  PDFs format are probably the most popular document type online. According to Abby Randal in his article : Why to Convert Word to PDF: 10 Advantages of PDF Files PDF documents are :
  • Compatible with most of the operating systems such azs Windows, Mac , Lunex , and even modern mobile phones and PDA’s
  • Compact and small : you can merge multiple spreadsheets , word documents, photos …etc into one single and compact PDF document
  • They can be created using a PDF Creator from any source document or application
  • They are  securable and has an encrypted protection system that prevents people from modifying your docs
  • They are supported by many software viewers for free .
  • Viewable withing most browsers
  • They meet legal documents requirements
  • Compatible with modern portable reader systems .