citebite : educators’web2.0 tool for creating and publishing quotes

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Citebite  allows its users to link directly to quotes on WebPages . If it happens that you come across an interesting  paragraph in a certain webpage that you want to share with your students or friends just highlight the targeted  chunk of text and paste it into Citebite together with the source URL and send the link to whomever you want to share this text with . Once they click on the link they would instantly  access the website and see the highlighted text you want them to read .

Some features of Citebite

Citebite is a very good and handy web2.0 tool that is :
  • completely free .
  • simple and easy to use .
  • has a friendly interface .
  • allows you to share URLs of important sites .
  • it lets you highlight interesting content and share it with others .
  • does not require any sign up .
  • It has a bookmarklet tool to drag to your toolbar to use whenever you want .
  • It also has a Firefox extension to add to your Firefox adds-on .