21st century search engines teachers must be aware of part 2

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This is a follow up post to the 21st century search engines teacher must be aware of part 1 in which we covered three search engines namely : Bing , Biographicon, and Cyclo.ps . In today’s post , we will be talking about another four  equally important search engines t

1- Forestle
Forestle is a very nice search engine .It is not so much different from other search engines we have seen so far except that it promotes a very good cause which is that of the safeguard of the rain forest.


2- Goofram


Goofram is a new mush-up that combines Google and Wolfram Alpha to provide a unique search service.

3- Got

Got is a mush-p of Google blogs and Twitter . It is powered by Google and is very useful in staying updated about Twitter and search engine results .

4- Hakia


Hakia is a semantic search technology engine . Some of its features include:
  • Handling morphological variations
  • Handling generalization
  • Handling concept matching
  • Knowledge matching
  • Natural language queries and questions
  • Ability to point to uninterrupted paragraph and the most relevant sentences
  • Ability to enter queries freely , no special formats like quotes or Boolean operators
  • Ability to operate without relying on statistics , user behavior , and other artificial means .
  • Ability to detect its own performance