LiveBinders : The educative tool teachers should not miss

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LiveBinders is an electronic portfolio that allows its users to organize , bookmark, and share online content . It is a bookmarking tool that facilitates the organization of the information found online. Instead of saving the links of your favorite websites in other bookmarking services like Delicious for example, LiveBinders lets you organize your links into tabs accessible through instant click .

What are Binders ?
Binders are urls of your favorite sites that you can share with anyone online. They are simply better ways to organize and share the information that you find online .

How can i use LiveBinders ?

Go to LiveBinders and create your account.
The best and easiest way to use LiveBinders is to install the “LiveBinder it “ bookmarket tool to your browser .This is how to add LiveBinder it
Just drag the button to your toolbar and that’s it . Whenever you are surfing the net and you find something interesting or a blog you want to save then just click on LiveBinder it button on your toolbar and it will be automatically saved to your page in LiveBinders you can customize it and put a title of your link in a tab or subtab.