LiveBinders : The educative tool teachers should not miss

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LiveBinders is a bookmarking website that allows users to organize , bookmark, and share online content. LiveBinders facilitates the organization of the information found online. Instead of saving the links of your favorite websites in other bookmarking services like Delicious for example, LiveBinders lets you organize your links into tabs accessible through instant click .

Some of the features of Livebinders include:

1- Paperless Organization
"Convert all your paper binders into an organized display of tabs and subtabs that is easy for your audience to navigate online."

2- Easy access
It "merge all your web links into one seamless presentation."

3- Add annotations
"Easily add notes and instructions next to your documents to help guide your audience through your resources."

4- Appsmash all your learning materials
"Seamlessly #appsmash all your learning materials - multi-media presentations, uploaded documents, and videos into an organized package."

Here is how LiveBinders work:

"1- Sign up for a free account and get started on your first digital binder

2- Upload a file, embed a web page or application link and add instructions for each tab

3- Share your online binder URL through e-mail or embed it on your website or LMS

4- Enjoy a painless, online binder system and contact us if you need any assistance".