280Slides :The teacher’s best tool to make presentations

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This is another practically useful web2.0 tool in education . 280Slides is a free web based tool to create online presentations. It is the best alternative to  desktop applications like PowerPoint . It is completely free and does not call for any registration and above all there is no software to download. 280Slides can also be embedded into your blog or website or shared with your friends online.

Features of  280Slides

280Slides allow you to :

  • Upload other presentations like PowerPoint ones into you page and edit them.
  • You can access 280Slides from anywhere in the world with internet connection.
  • You can embed photos and videos into your slides.there is a media browser that looks like this

  • You have the options to either upload your media items or just copy and paste their urls.
  • You can personalize the theme of your slides with a variety of ready made themes
  • It auto saves the slides you are working on every couple of minutes. There is no need to worry about loosing your unfinished work.
  • You can run 280Slides right from your browser , you do not need to install any application or software.
  • You can publish your slides online using Slideshare or email it to your friends or embed it in your blog or website
  • You can also download your slides into Microsoft PowerPoint ,or as a pdf
  • You can embed different shapes into your slides moving them around with a great flexibility and place them wherever you want