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Everything Teachers Need to Know about Remind101

April 18, 2014
Remind101 is a great web tool that provides teachers with a way to safely text message students and stay in touch with parents. You can send your Remind101 messages from your computer or phone. Remind101 apps for iPad, iPhone and Android are now available. One of the best things I like about this tool is the unanimity feature. Neither students nor teachers could see each others phone numbers

There are 3 simple steps to use Remind 101 : Create a class, share a code, and send messages.

Here is how it works:
Each class you create is assigned a unique code which is what students and parents use to sign up for your notifications.To sign up, they need to send Remind101 a text message with their unique code
The good thing about Remind101 is that it works on any phone and it does not have to be a smartphone. Once they do that they will be subscribed to your class and will receive a message anytime you send it. There is a section in Remind101 where you can review your messages to see when they were sent and who they were sent to.

Some of the features that Remind101 provides for teachers include:
  • You can schedule your messages to be sent later
  • Remind101 is safe because students are identified by name not number. This means that no teacher would ever be able to see a student cellphone number and also students would not see teachers numbers.
  • Remind101 allows teachers to download all or part of their message history. This can be done through 'export message history' feature .
  • Remind101 has recently added a new feature called "send a few" that supports sending text messages to subgroups of students and parents. Before this update, teachers could only send messages to the whole class.
  • Use Remind101 Attach to send photos, assignments and presentations to your students.
Subscribing instructions for your students and parents are now available in English, Spanish and French! Check them out here.

Here are some video tutorials to help you learn more about Remind101 and how to use some of its features:

1- What is Remind101

2- How to message individual subscribers

3- Remind101 Attach: Send photos, assignments, and presentations

4- Watch how Clintondale High school uses Remind101

The Best Two Web Tools To Safely Text Parents and Students

March 30, 2014
 Integrating technology in your classroom teaching should not only be limited to instructional activities to enhance students learning but should also be used to open up new venues to connect the classroom to its immediate community and engage other parties in the learning taking place inside the four walls. One of these parties are parents. One way to engage parents and keep them in the know of their kids learning is through exchanging text messages with them using services that do not reveal personal phone numbers or any other contact information. Below are two of the best services that teachers can use to send individual or group messages to parents.

1-ClassDojo's messaging service

This is a new service ClassDojo launched a few days ago to enable teachers to communicate with parents through text messages. This communication can either be done on a one-to-one level or on a group level. Teachers can also use the "read receipts" to know which parents have seen their message and most important of all, no contact information of either teachers or parents are revealed.

2- Remind 101

Remind 101 is another wonderful web tool that teachers can use to send text messages to a small group of parents.  After creating a text messaging list  parents can opt in to receive messages without them knowing your phone number or them yours. Over the years, Remind 101 has added a slew of interesting features that made this tool a powerful application to use in your class.One of the great features that has been recently added include the ability for teachers to download a part or all of the message history.Remind 101 will then send the downloaded history in a PDF document.
Watch tis video to learn more about  Remind 101.

Other options to try include:

Does Texting Impact Students Language ?

One of the salient linguistic phenomenon that has come about as a direct result of the use of digital devices is using language in a shortened form. When dashing off an email or sms to one's friend users are usually trying to communicate the maximum using "language in chunks". This is particularly worse when using handheld devices where the tiny keyboards are a pain in the butt.

The pressing need to communicate quickly without having to spend so much time typing drove "texters" to invent new linguistic forms of language which sometimes are really hard to understand unless you are a member of the affinity space where such forms are used. Some popular forms include: LoL( laughing out loud, TTYL ( talk to you later), b4u( before you), PPL( people)... and the list goes on.

I have been reading some articles on this linguistic phenomenon and I still can't make up my mind about whether this is a healthy linguistic habit or not. However, I am sharing with you some resources on this topic and I am looking forward to hear what you think of it.

1- How Texting is changing English
This is a great article from Grammar Girl in which she argues in favour of the impact of texting on English language.

2- John McWorther: Txtng is Killing Language JK!!


textng and language

Great Free Text Messaging Tools to Use with your Students

Mobile devices are ubiquitous among students. The majority  of them use a cell phone of some sort be it a smart phone or just a plain one. While solid scientific research on the potential use of the these tools in education  is still lacking, more and more educational experts are talking about its use in the classroom.This is mainly due to the inevitability of these devices in our students lives. You can see how eager students become when the recess  bell rings , the first thing they do when they are out is checking their mobile.

As educators and teachers we should wisely draw on the things students love and turn them into educational learning tools . For instance cell phones, since almost every student has got one then why not leverage the power of this device to the classroom. There are a bunch of tools to help you do this. Check out these Group Text Messaging Tools to start with and here is another list of  another 4  awesome text messaging tools you can use with your students.

1- Remind 101

A safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents. It is a free and you can watch the video below to learn more :

2- Celly

This is a private communication network that works with any mobile phone or device . Members can join instantly with one text and exchange group messages, polls, reminders, and web alerts. Watch this video to see Celly in action in the classroom.


Study Boost is a great website for students . It allows them to collaboratively study using text messaging and instant messaging . It also enables them to keep their learning materials fresh even outside the classroom . Study Boost offers a new way for students to interactively learn on the go . Watch this video to learn more

4- SendHub

SendHub is a group text messaging  system that allows users to send texts to individuals and groups of any size. This is a great tool for teachers. They can use it to create a group of up to 50 people ( students and parents for instance ') and start sharing updates and important messages. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reach parents quickly.

9 Awesome Group Text Messaging Tools for Educators

Group Text Messaging is a great way for teachers to share content, alerts, reminders,assignments and many more with their students.  They can also use this service to create groups that include students' parents and keep them updated about heir kids progress. I have compiled a list of  some of the tools you can use to deliver group text messaging.

Check out these tools :

1- ClassParrot


ClassParrot is a great group messaging tool that allows teachers to reach their students instantly via  texting. It can be used for many purposes such as  : reminding students of upcoming exams, and sending homework updates and event reminders.

2- ClassPager


This is another great texting tool that teachers can use to engage students in group discussions and broadcast updates and information to both students and their parents.

3- gText


This is a free group texting service just like Classpager.

4- Kikutext


Kikutext is a service that makes it easy for teachers to communicate with parents using text messaging so students perform better. You can read my review for this tool here.

5- Remind101


This is a free service that provides teachers with an easy way to text message students and stay in touch with parents.

6- Sendhub

This is a group text mesaging system that allows users to send text and indiviuals and groups of any size. read Sendhub Easy Group Texting to learn more.

7- BeGrouped


This tool as its name suggests provides an easy way to build a group and allow everyone to easily communicate with each other seamlessly and easily. It also supports most major cell phone carriers.

8- SMS Matrix

sms matrix

SMSMatrix can be used to send messages to groups. These messages can be simple text, voice, or even text-to-speech messages.

9- Swaggle


This is a free SMS messaging service that lets you send text messages to groups. Messages can be sent both from the website or directly from mobile phone.

Kikutext Connect with Parents Via Free Text Messages

Kikutext is a new web tool that allows teachers to communicate with parents using text messaging. Using this service teachers will be able to send instant updates directly to parents cell phones. Parents on the other hand can respond to these messages by simply replying back to the sender. Kikutext is completely free and easy to use. The purpose behind the creation of such a tool is to make students perform better and consolidate efforts between teachers and parents.


How does Kikutext work ?

To start using Kikutext you need to register with them and open your free account. Once you set up your account you can then add your class which will be assigned a specific 'class code' that you will need to share with parents. These latters text message the ' class code' to the provided Kikutix phone number to start receiving their students status updates on their cell phones. Just keep in mind that Kikutext keeps the phone numbers of parents and those of teachers hidden from each other. You do not have to worry about  others having your phone number. Think of it like Paypal in online shopping. You associate your bank account with Paypal and whenever you want to buy something online you use Paypal instead of your real account.

Head over to Kikutext and give it a try