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23 Useful Websites for Teaching and Learning English

September 6, 2014
Below are some valuable resources for ELL and ESL teachers. With these resources, you can find great ways to communicate more effectively, explore lessons, and be a great ELL teacher.

Check out this lexicon that offers images demonstrating the true meaning of the word, making it easier for English language learners to understand.
On this website, you’ll find quizzes, word games, puzzles, and a random sentence generator to help students better grasp English as a second language. is a really fun site for ELL learners, with reference tools like a dictionary and vocabulary, supplemented with quizzes, games, and a community forum.
On this site, you’ll find free English videos for both students and teachers.
 Okanagan College’s resource offers 13 different unit lessons for learning and teaching English pronunciation.
In this website from the BBC, students can find help with grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, with plenty of references to current events. Plus, you’ll find a special section for ELL teachers.
ESL Gold is, no joke, golden, with seemingly endless learning resources for English. Students can practice pronunciation, find a book to study, and even talk to someone in English on this site. Plus, teachers can find a job, search for textbooks, discover games, and so much more.
 Check out this free site for learning English, with loads of videos from real English speakers, plus quizzes and community support.
In this online library, students can get access to a huge collection of English texts and scripted recordings.
An awesome resource to use for simple translations, Google Translate can help your students see how its done and better understand translations between two or more languages.

 Direct your students to this ESL cyber listening lab with study guides, quizzes, and even teacher features.
This online tool is designed to help jumpstart students’ vocabulary skills, with more than 90 vocabulary lessons, and the option to create lessons of your own.

Wordsteps: Wordsteps makes it easy for students to build their own vocabulary collection, and even access their vocabulary through a mobile device for English language learning on the go.

Utah Education Network English Language Learner Resources:
 Check out this list of great resources for ELL, with teaching ideas, forums, and even news and research.
 Specially designed for English language teachers, One Stop English has a monthly topics series, news lessons, and even an app for on the go ELL teaching.
This ingenious tool allows ELL teachers to effectively communicate with non-English speaking parents. You’ll be able to quickly make and customize notes that you can translate and send home to parents, effectively communicating information about field trips, conduct, homework, and more.
 A great site for ELL teachers, ESL Party Land has lesson plans, strategies, worksheets, flashcards, quizzes, games, and even vocabulary resources to help you be a better ELL teacher.
 Check out this collection of royalty-free, language-neutral clip art designed to be used for foreign language instruction.
Thousands of teacher contributions can be found on this site full of quizzes, exercises, and tests for teaching English as a second language.

Using this online annotation tool, ELL teachers can write directly on images to explain their meaning to students.
A service of Oxford University Press, this learning resources bank for English language teaching has courses, titles, and interactive English reading tools.
 Encourage students to self-test with this website, offering free English tests, grammar exercises, and worksheets.
Check out these test and games that offer a great way for students to test and improve their English language skills.

Wlingua, A Cool App for English Language Learners and Teachers

July 12, 2014
Wlingua is a good language learning app that  aims to give your students the chance to improve their English skills outside the classroom. They can learn many things watching TV shows or reading books, newspapers... Although these are undoubtedly valuable tools, there is no possible way for you to monitor their progress following your guidance. 

Wlingua allows you to
  • Keep tabs on your students’performance. 
  • Find quality lessons to complement your own lessons
  • From a basic to an intermediate level. Choose where you want to start and Wlingua will help you learn English at your own pace.
  • Learn English through the 600 lessons created by our team of teachers.
  • Learners who don’t have enough time to learn English could join a quality course anytime anywhere. 

App's strong points: 

● More content than anybody else (600 lessons divided in 4 levels, from  A1 to B2). Besides, the learner can choose between British and American English. The app gives learners reports of their performance and it has plenty ofdifferent exercises which can help them improve in every skill: reading, listening, grammar, vocabulary, speaking, pronunciation...
● Learners can download the lessons in PDF.
● You can learn English from Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and French.

Wlingua is a multi platform app, which can be accessed from any device (Smartphone, iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, Tablet...). The Premium account is free for the first month, then you can choose to buy 1, 3, 6 or 12 months subscription. In case you don't want to pay, the account goes Basic. You can continue learning but with some restrictions since not all features are available with the Basic account.

Excellent Web Tools to Help Students Learn English Pronunciation

May 19, 2014
English language is a stressed language (I mean stress in linguistic terms) and as such it poses some daunting challenges to learners particularly EFL learners. I speak four languages and I have been teaching English to EFL students for several years and I know exactly the hardships students encounter when learning English pronunciation. Unlike other languages, mal-pronunciation in English can result in a completely different meaning than the intended one. Some examples of the problematic words EFL learners have issues with include : fear/fair, tank/thank, read (present tense)/ read(past tense), got/gut.

As a teacher, you definitely can not model the pronunciation of every single word for your students and this is where the importance of web tool such as the ones below is highlighted. Anytime students come across a new word they haven't seen before, they can check its pronunciation using these tools. In this way they can be sure of how to say it right.

1- Howjsay

This is a great free online talking dictionary of English pronunciation. Just type in your word and Howjsay provides the pronunciation together with other variations of the word.

2- Wordhippo

This is another great free online dictionary that allows students to check for pronunciation of words. To use Wordhippo, type in your word, and select pronounce from the options. Students can also use it to  look for synonyms, antonyms, word meanings, and many more.

3- Macmillan Dictionary

The popular Macmillan dictionary has an option where users can listen to the pronunciation of the word looked for. Under each word you look for in Macmillan, a pronunciation button is provided that you can click on to hear how the word is pronounced.

4- Dictionarist

Dictionarist is similar to Macmillan. It provides both word meaning and its pronunciation. It also shows the word translation in different languages.

Alphabetimals Learn English Alphabets

Alphabetimals is a cool website. It allows its users to learn alphabets in such a funny and easy way. Alphabetimals is a compound word made of two terms: Alphabets and Animals. This website has been designed with the purpose of teaching kids how to learn alphabets and say them correctly using a wide range of audio clips. Kids will also be abale to learn different names of animals associated with alphabet letters. For instance, the letter E is associated with Elephant ...ect.


Alphabetimals also provides its users with the ability to listen to the sound of each animal that is associated with a certain letter.There is also a humourous typer down the page that writes your words using  the Alphabetimal Characters where each chacter is represented with its respective animal.

Overall Aplphabetimal is a great site for teachers. They can use it to teach their kids  both alphabets and animals. It is user friendly and has so much appealing colours and materials that your students will love for sure. Give it a try.

Learn More than 200 English Accents with The Speech Accent Archive

The Speech Accent Archive is a website that compares different English accents.This website looks like Map your Voice that I have covered in an earlier post except that this latter offers an interactive map where you can check others accents or add up yours. The Speech Accent Archive is normally a study carried out by Geoge Mason University that aims at aggregating and comparing accents of non native speakers. Participants both  native( Scottish/ Irish )  and  non native, were asked to read out parts of a paragraph. These readings were then recorded and later on compared to American Accent.


Currently The Speech Accent Archive has over 600 different samples with around 200 different accents.  if you want to hear how anyone from any particular nation speaks English you can access the archive of this website and you will be amazed at the grandeur of this work.

VocabSushi The Easiest Way to Expand your Vocabulary

VocabSushi is a good tool for English language learners. It helps its users build up their vocabulary in such an interactive way by seeing word usage in daily news. It is conventional fact that words are easily memorised when  used in real world  contexts than if they are provided in single definitions. VocabSushi offers several techniques to help users enrich their vocabulary. Here is what it can help you do :


  1. Practice new words by filling out the sentence completion questions
  2. Learn the correct pronunciations of words by playing MP3 audio files
  3. It tracks the general progress of your vocabulary
  4. Based on your learning abilities, it will skip words you already know and suggests new terms that are more challenging
  5. It provides words in real world context and in easy to understand sentences.

VocabSushi is free but requires a registration. Just head over to its main page and sign up for a free account.

Watch this video to learn more about VocabSushi

VocabSushi Video Tour (Main Site) from Vocab Sushi on Vimeo.

Wordstash is a Great Vocabulary Learning Tool

Wordstash is a cool online tool that help learners expand their vocabulary. It offers innovative and intuitive ways to enrich your linguistic repertoire without getting bored. Wordstash helps users grow their vocabulary by providing word definitions together with the ability to " statsh" words on a list manager for a later study or review.


If you are a language teacher then this website can be a very good learning  tool to introduce to your students.Show them how it works and they will surprise you. Let technology help you some in your teaching.

How does Wordstash work ?

First, Wordstash requires a registration. Click on sign up and open an account there. This service is completely free. Once logged in you can then key in a word to read its definition, hear its pronunciation or toggle its synonyms. You can also get tweets for the word you entered and see how it is used in a sentence from an online article.

wordstash pic

On the right side of the website you will see a list of the most popular wordlists including "the 100 most common SAT wordsWorld CapitalsVocabulary From Jeopardy, and more"

 Head over to Wordstash and give it a try.

Learn Different English Accents Using Map your Voice

Map your Voice is a great website for English language learners. It allows its users to have access to a plethora of English accents. Mastering English pronunciation is one of the most difficult things about learning this language. I have been teaching English for eight years and I know exactly how hard it is for students to decode vocal messages uttered by native speakers particularly from countries such as  Scotland or Australia. With Map your Voice you can give your learners a chance to learn the different accent of English in such an easy way.

How does Map your Voice work ?

It is very easy to use and does not require any sign up or software installation. All you need to do is to head over to Map your Voice page and there you will see a map with red and green dots all over it. These dots indicate a recording and Google map is your navigational tool. The red dot indicates someone reading a list of six words while the green dot indicates someone reading a childerm's story labelled "Mr Tickel ". Hover your mouse over any dot and you will be able to read the details about the recording like the country where it is recorded etc. Just click on any dot and the recording will instantly get started. There is a smal audio player on the site's right pane that will play these recordings.

map your voice pic

What is even awesome about this website is the fact that you too can add your own voice recording with your accent and specifiy which part of the world you are from. Your dot will be availabe and visible on Google map for others to listen to.

How to Learn The Basic Spelling Rules of English.

Today i am sharing with you a video about the basic spelling rules of English and in just two minutes . Being a teacher of English for several years and having been studying English for more than 15 years now , i would really recommend this video to those of you who are still having problems with spelling and are looking for a quicker way to get over it .I know in a digital age such as ours where the info is accessible everywhere online, accuracy and time management are the key notions of success and because the 21st century learners opt for electronic learning much more than they do for hard cover version then this video is ideal for those who do not have time to go over a grammar book just to forget what they have learnt in the first place.
The video has been created with a professionalism touch and covers most of the rules you need to know about English spelling .
Enjoy the video and don't forget to share it with your students , friends and colleagues .

That’s it about How to Learn The Basic Spelling Rules of English.
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