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A Wonderful Copyright Flowchart for Your Class

June 11, 2014
Can I use material I found online for teaching and or school work? This is one of the recurrent questions you would probably hear so often within educational settings."Copyright literacy" is an essential component of digital citizenship. Knowing what constitutes a copyright violation and  how to decipher copyrighted materials from CC licensed and public domain materials is a skill every student should master.

It is true that Internet and more particularly web 2.0 technologies have redefined the concept of agency, giving full performative freedom to anyone with the least technical knowledge to write, record, mash up, share, and create different multimedia artefacts, but this freedom is only meaningfully productive  when it is grounded in a creative mindset that respects and acknowledges and builds on the works of others. Copyright is a way to promote creative endeavours through regulating the relationship between the produced content and the perceived notion of its consumption, distribution and re-use.

Over the last couple of years, I have featured here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning a slew of useful guidelines and tutorials to help teachers in the teaching of copyright concept to their students. Today, I am adding another wonderful work in this direction. This work is realized by Silvia Rosenthal and Meryl Zeidenberg. Most of the readers of this blog know Slivia (editor of the popular blog "Langwitches") for I have shared several of her works in the past. Silvia is definitely  one of the tech gurus in the field of Ed Tech and I always find quality and depth of thought in her works . Silvia has also recently published a great article entitled" Blogging As Pedagogy: Facilitate Learning" which I highly recommend for you.

Source: Langwitches

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