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Awesome Chart Featuring The Most Used Online and Texting Acronyms

May 9, 2014
One of the intriguing linguistic phenomenon associated with teen's use of social media and texting is the creation of a wholly new lexicon for communication.  This lexicon is grounded in brevity and most often have roots in slang vernacular. If you have a chance to look at a sample instant text message by a teen or even a kid you would be surprised by the number of abbreviations included in it to the extant that it becomes hard for outsiders ( mainly adults ) to understand this new jargon. PBS Parents has this page where it outlines a list of probably all abbreviations used by kids and teens when texting or communicating on social media. I have gone through this glossary and created the table below where I included some of these abbreviations. This table is available as a Google Doc for you to use or print from this Link.