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Google Alert A Great Tool to Help Student Researchers

March 21, 2014
One of the wonderful tools from Google that is often overlooked by students is Google Alert. I have been using it for a few years now and it has helped me a lot both in my graduate studies and also in my educational blogging.

Google Alert allows you to create alerts around topics you are interested in and start receiving emails with updates about your search query. For instance as a doctoral student with a research interest in emerging literacies , I have created an alert with the name " emerging literacies" and each time something new published online with those key words in it I get an email with a link to it. This keeps me abreast of the latest releases in my area of research. I also use Google Alert to track down authors and scholars whose works are related to my research areas. I simply create a Google Alert with their names as the alert titles and next time they publish something I get it first. Another way to use Google Alert is to create an alert about yourself by using your full name and anytime somebody mentions you somewhere online you will instantly receive an email with a link to it.

Here is how to create a Google Alert

Head over to Google Alert

1- provide a search query
2- Result type: choose whether you want to receive updates about your search query from news sites, blogs, books…etc or select everything to cover all these categories.
3-Choose the language of your query
4-Region: choose if you want updates about your topic only from materials published in specific regions
5- Select how often you want Google to send you updates about your alert: once a day, once a week, or as it happens.
6- Select whether you want only the best results or all results
7- provide the email you want Google to send you alerts to.

To delete an alert, just click on manage alert and tick the alert you created and then click on delete.

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