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Teachers Easy Tools to Create Their Own Apps

App building is no longer as complicated as it used to be. You don't need to be a code developer to do it. Several online platforms offer the tools and know-how for you to embark on your own app-building experience. As a teacher, you might use one of these platforms to design your own apps; ones that would better speak to the learning needs and challenges of your students. It might sound a little bit challenging but let me tell you this : the more you practice the easier it gets.

The tools below provide you with a user friendly interface where you can choose from templates, customize colour, change font styles and many more. Have a look and let u know what you think of them.

1- Appmakr

This is my favourite among them all. Appmakr allows you to easily create your mobile app and share it with others. You do not need any coding knowledge to use this tool. Your app can include an image gallery, podcasts, videos, and HTML snippets if you want to include some.

2- App Inventor 

App Inventor 2 is an extended and updated version of app inventor 1 that was popular in 2013. With this tool you can build your app in a matter of few clicks. App Inventor provides a plethora of guides and tutorials to help you better use their platform. There is also a community of users where you can ask for help from advanced users.

3- iBuildApp

iBuildApp is another wonderful tool for creating mobile apps for both Android and iPad. Once your app is created iBuildApp provides you with the tools to help you promote your app. QR codes, social channels and embedded links.

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