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10 Competencies Students Need to Thrive in The Future

Today Josep Comas posted this graphic on the Facebook page of Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. The visual features 10 skills for the future workforce and upon going through the content of this graphic I found it really interesting and wanted you to have a look as well. That being said, I do however harbour a concern as to the utilization of the word skill in this context. I personally think that the things mentioned as being "skills for future workforce"  relate more to the concept of competencies than to skills.

Competencies are broader and more encompassing and can include a wide range of skills. For instance to cultivate "social intelligence" as a competency one needs to develop a set of interrelated skills that include " communicative skills, linguistic skills, attentive listening skills, inter and intrapersonal skills to mention but a few. What do you think ? do you share with me this concern ? share with us your feedback in the comment form below.

skills for tomorrow

Ten skills for the future workforceExtracted from

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  1. Hello, communication skills should be added to your chart as it is I believe the most important competency required for both academics and work. Students can improve their writing through sites like Reading and writing are of paramount importance because they are the core of communication skills.

  2. I would guess that less than 10% will possess such skills, making for a very small pool of qualified candidates.

  3. Add #11 DEEP KNOWLEDGE: definition: mastering some one particular subject to the point of profound excellence (e.g., Darwin, the sonnet, piano, Japanese language, the works of Hawthorne). There is great value in coming to know what it takes to know something well. It reinforces all 10 of these skills.


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