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Teachers Rubric for Selecting Mobile Apps

Below is a wonderful rubric to help you select mobile apps to use with your students. I am adding this resource to the section I have created here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning under the label " Teacher App Rubrics ". I come across this rubric from Cybraryman app page but the rubric was created by elearning skills.

The rubric outlines 10 evaluative criteria to base your selection. These are :

  1. Common Core Standards alignment
  2. Presentation of content in the app
  3. Levels of engagement
  4. Levels of difficulty
  5. Does it meet students need ?
  6. Platform matches school equipment
  7. Research based
  8. Scholastic presentation
  9. Self-correcting
  10. Various modes of play

Click here to access the rubric in PDF format.

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