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Cool Visual Featuring Top 15 Online Distractors

Distraction is the dominant currency in our digitally focused culture. I personally find it hard to concentrate when being plugged on particularly when the task I am working on is so important that it requires a high degree of mindful consciousness like for instance scribbling few pages  on my thesis, writing a journal article, doing a literature review...etc. Anytime I embark on one of these tasks I always make sure to turn off WiFi and put my phone on flight mode. My brain can't handle the distraction coming off these devices.

 I am not really a big fan of the " multitasking " concept and unlike many educators who think it is a 21st century asset, I am still ambivalent about it. I believe for anyone to multitask they should know when and how to do it, otherwise it is just a waste of time. However, today.s topic is not about multitasking, it is rather about the top 15 things that might cause you the most distraction. These are included in this beautiful infographic I come across in Makeuseof. Enjoy

15 distractions 

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