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A Must See Visual Featuring 27 Ways to Check Your Students Understanding

Checking students comprehension is one of the things we regularly do in our teaching; but are we doing it in an effective (so as not to say right) way ? Students have different learning styles and vary in the way and rate of their understanding. While some grab it from the first attempt others require much more assistance and in both ways figuring out how much understanding is involved sometimes calls for much more efforts than the teaching itself. Therefore one's teaching arsenal should be diversified and enriched with not only good and working teaching strategies but also effective comprehension check methods.

Assessments ( formative, summative,diagnostic..etc ), direct questions, quizzes are some of the common ways to track students understanding but there are also several other ( some are unknown) ways to do it. Mia from An Ethical Island has put up this wonderful visual that features 27 of these ways. Check them out below and let us know what you think of them. Enjoy

ways to check students understanding

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