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8 Wonderful Blooms Taxonomy Posters for Teachers

As 2013 draws to a close, I look back into the content I have been sharing with you here during these last 12 months and I just get amazed at the number of blog posts published during this period of time. On top of my graduate studies in MSVU university ( full time student ) and my teaching, I managed to publish over 1100 posts in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. I do feel lucky I have no family responsibilities to take care of except my wonderful companion  Max, my little black kitten, or else I would never have had the time for any of this.

As I look back at the content I shared this year some of it have really attracted huge amount of viewership. I have gone through the most salient posts in this content and decided to re-organize it into new selections.

Today's selection features some of the most popular Blooms Taxonomy visuals I have shared this year. None of these visuals is my own creation so make sure you contact their own owners for re-use. Enjoy

1- Bloom's Revised Taxonomy of Learning from Anethicalisland

2- This one is from iLearntechnology

3- Bloom's Taxonomy Wheel from:

 4- Another Bloom's Taxonomy wheel but this time from Electric Educator

5- This one here is from iLearntechnology

6- Another beautiful visual from iLearntechnology

7- Another one from iLearntechnology

8- This one is from

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