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4 Pinterest Boards Packed Full of Educational Technology Resources

My  blogging journey this year has been so eventful and busy. I have covered a wide range of topics from reviews of iPad apps to newest releases in the world of educational technology. The driving purpose was  and will always be to help those of you working in the first lines, in the trenches teaching our kids; help them better integrate technology into education and introduce them to the recent technology needed to fulfil their endeavour.

In today's post, I want to share with you some of the most popular Pinterest boards for Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. These boards sum up the major content I have been sharing with you here. If you are not yet in my followers list, go ahead and subscribe to my boards to stay updated about my future posts.

1- Free Technology for Teachers

This is the most popular board among them all. It contains more than a 1000 pins all of which are posts on educational web tools for teachers together with tips and guides on how to better teach with technology.

2- Educational Infographics and Posters

This board features over 200 awesome educational visuals covering a wide range of concepts including : flipped classroom, Blooms taxonomy, educational social networking, to mention but a few.

3- Teacher Books

In this board I share books I read and which are relevant to what I blog about in this blog. Themes include : digital literacy, 21st century learning skills, academic books, books on writing, books on academic research and many more

4- iPad Apps for Teachers

This board features hundreds of excellent educational iPad apps for teachers and students.

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