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New Interesting Chart on Growth Vs Fixed Mindsets

I first come across the concept of fixed versus growth mindset  through the works of the socio-linguist Barlow and since then I have seen a plethora of visuals and graphics on this very same concept some of which I shared in this  page. While I personally view it as a lifeworld approach applicable to the worldviews and assumptions we hold towards life in general, the mindset concept has some direct and tangible applications in the learning arena.

 Learners with a growth mindset seem to thrive the most in their learning journeys. These learners are so often open to new possibilities and view their failures and mistakes as clear  indicators that the learning is taking place and that trail and error is an essentially healthy process in the gaining of new insights and discovering novel knowledge.

on the other hand, people with a fixed mindset are very much limited in their thinking and more , ,often than not, subscribe to the perfection ideology which eventually takes them to pessimism and disappointment.  Learners with such a mindset tend to avoid challenges, give up easily, and view efforts as fruitless.

Check out this excellent chart that sheds more light on the power of mindsets in relation with our belief system. I tried to track down the originator of this graphic but could not find any links so far and therefore I am linking to this Pinterest board from which I took the visual. That board  also features several other interesting visuals on the mindset concept.


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